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LAWN SERVICE                                             PESTICIDE NJDEP# 93398A                                                                 CERTIFIED FERTILIZER APPLICATORS

WATER, WATER, WATER!!!        

     Colson's is your custom lawn service company. From fertilizing, weed prevention and eradication,  & insect controls to seeding, liming, and aeration, we can deliver to you a healthy, greener lawn. Since 1976, we have provided thousands of property owners satisfying results to their lawns by creating thicker, greener turf throughout the growing season. Our custom lawn program is not a "cookie cutter" program like many of the big national chains, but customized to meet your turf's needs. If you'd like, we can customize an organic, natural program for you, too. We work with the client to meet their needs and concerns. We practice IPM (intergrated pest management) as much as possible to lessen the heavy overdosing of chemicals to your property. We apply products when they're needed to provide the best results using the least harmful products available.

NOTE: We do not cut grass. We have referrals in most areas.

Lawn Service includes:

  • Fertilizers (conventional and organic products)- must be state certified,we are!
  • Lime
  • Weed controls (pre-emergent and post-emergent)
  • Insect controls (including conventional TICK control program)
  • Grub controls
  • Fungus controls
  • Crabgrass controls
  • Nutsedge controls
  • Seeding (overseeding and new lawns)
  • Lawn renovation
  • Slice seeding
  • Aeration (Coring)
  • Soil testing

     Call 732-530-5971 today for your free lawn analysis and estimate. We have been servicing lawns since 1976. Fully insured and licensed. Dedicated to lawns.